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Please watch the user guides and be sure to read through our FAQs. The answer to your question may already be there.

If you still need help then email your question to: We will answer your question as quickly as possible.

Are there any plans to deliver live lessons?

Yes, we are developing LearnerVersity. Students will be able to access lessons and advice sessions, delivered by high quality teachers. The costs for these lessons are low and represent exceptional value.

Are there more lessons to go up?

LearnerVerse has been specially designed to add lessons in a wide range of academic and non-academic areas so we will be regularly adding lessons, resources and assessments to the site.

What is the 'Challenge yourself!' part of a lesson for?

The 'Challenge yourself!' part of a lesson has been designed to get you to look at other subjects or topics that might be connected to the lesson you are viewing. You might surprise yourself how much you actually know. You should try them but don't be too worried if you don't understand now. You will in the future!

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