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Can CareerLine help me decide upon the university I would like to attend?

Yes it can. By entering the qualifications you intend to study and your achieved or estimated grades, CareerLine can map out potential career and academic pathways for you to consider.

Can I learn about a career from someone who is involved professionally in that career?

Yes - we interview professionals in different careers and ask them to tell you about their job. These interviews are put up as films in the career description area of CareerLine. They will tell you about qualifying to do the job, the positives and the negatives and some will tell you about the things they enjoy outside of work.

Can I share my time line with friends, teachers and my family?

Yes you can. Simply copy the unique URL at the bottom of the timeline page and send it on to whoever you want. They can share your progress and discuss it, offer advice or even just marvel at your ideas!

Do I have to access all timelines from Year 9?

Timelines have been developed so that you can enter any stage of your education and it will amend itself to give advice from that stage. Try it and see.

How many timelines can I have at any one time?

You can have as many timelines as you want. We would advise that you keep the number manageable. Our advice would be to keep the number down to five or less so that you can focus on them.

What are the pop up boxes that appear when I point to different areas of the timeline?

The pop up boxes show you the steps you need to take at that stage of your life in order to follow the career you have chosen to consider. The steps are really useful and should help you to consider the actions you should be taking to achieve success in reaching your goal.

What is CareerLine?

CareerLine is a program that allows you to explore possible careers open to you, by linking them to academic achievement.

Why does the timeline change colour when I click on it?

It changes colour so that you can measure your progress through your education. Red means that you have yet to start that stage of your education. Amber shows where you currently are and green means that you have completed that stage and you are ready to move on to the next phase.

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